Day 3


The Nebraska delegates started the day early, fueled by coffee, cookies, and buckeyes,with a caucus time with the New Hamphire delegates. We met our new President-Elect The Rev. John Dorhauer. Speaking for myself, I learned so much more about the work that is set in action by each reresolution. I enjoyed hearing everyone's ideas as my committee spoke to various parts of our resolution. There were also touching personal stories shared by those whose lives and lived ones are affected by the issue.

There was a Tutor the Tutor program in the afternoon. Rob Schindler, author of Hot Dogs and Hamburgers and volunteer at the Chicago Literacy Center, shared his story about becoming a tutor and teaching adults to read. He told us more about what everyday life is like for the 32 million people in America who cannot read. To close the session we got up and danced to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" by Stevie Wonder. I love the amount of spontaneous song and dance that takes place at synod!

Worship was preluded by an hour of praise music; including folk, a cappella, rock & roll, opera, and reggae. Bishop Dwayne Royster gave an outstanding sermon about racism and what we can and must do to "change the damn world". It made me so proud to be a part of the United Church of Christ. One of the most important things, the worshipers took away from it is that we have to do so much more to end racism, mass incarceration, police brutality, etc., towards people of color. And I know we can do the work! The UCC gives me so much faith in good people doing good things.

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