Day 1


Over 3,000 UCCers gathered in Cleveland, Ohio for General Synod today. We had 26 delegates and visitors and a host of youth and sponsors from Nebraska. Just hours before we embarked upon our first session the news of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision legalizing same sex marriage the rule of our entire nation was announced.

Throughout the day we heard the proclamation that the UCC had its part in that 5-4 decision becoming a reality. We as a denomination,having understood it to be our Biblical mandate to see that justice and dignity be given to all of God's children - no matter who they love - filled us with the courage needed to fight when many said it could not be done.

We were told not to bother. We were told it wasn't worth our efforts. We were told it was wrong, and yet we were brave and stood up for what we believed in. But we were not deterred; we acted upon our faith and challenged the injustice we have witnessed by our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. And as a result, something unexpected has happened. Something incredible! Something beautiful.

We celebrated this decision throughout the day as speakers and preachers, officers and international guests referred to the historic role we in the UCC played in this decision. Other items of business included the introduction of the candidate for General Minister and President of the denomination -John Dorhauer. Our own Conference Minister served on his Search Committee. John spoke to the UCC family gathered and shared with us his vision for our denomination. Jim Moos was also nominated for a second term as the Executive Officer of our Global Mission Covenanted Ministry.

Our business will continue for four more days with each day being reflected upon by someone in our delegation. Our first day of General Synod was a day filled with celebration, worship, business, exhibits, educational intensive and one big family reunion!

May our remaining time together be blessed with the the leading of the Holy Spirit and filled with great discernment and of course -a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

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