I have given the thought to this title for quite some time. Pastoral Care. It usually refers to how the pastor visits the members, friends of the church. I have always been a pastoral care type person. I enjoy bringing my smile, my faith, my personality to visiting the elderly, the sick any one for that matter. Pastoral Care is first and formost in my ministry. From about age 5 I cared for my invalid mom. Yes, I said 5 years old. My mother had juvenile diabetes and after the birth of my brother she could no longer walk. I was her right hand. I could change a bedpan and a catheter by the time I was 8. My father died when I was 9 so it was up to me to be the lead for my little brother. It turns out he lead me down the aisle when I married my husband, Ron.

I have a new appreciation for the term pastoral care. It is this congregation (Plymouth UCC, Crete, NE) that has taught me about pastoral care. It was about four months into this year and the President of my congregation said, "Kathy, you have not taken any vacation yet this year! You NEED TO DO THAT!" WOW, a member and congregation that takes care of their pastor - pastoral care.

I love these people! This past week of vacation as rejuvenated me! I am so excited because two weeks ago we baptized a baby. This Sunday we baptize a young man. We will receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion. In a few weeks we will join at least two new members. We have a great ministry to do at Plymouth UCC and we need God's energy to make that happen!

I won't wait four months before my next rest. Don't you wait either. Sabbath must happen at least once a week. Being renewed in faith makes us strong in life. Come, be welcomed at our 10:30am service at 906 Ivy St. Crete, on your Sabbath and be renewed!

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