For a small church, numerous members are active in the community, serving in many civic organizations, businesses and schools. Mission goalos have been included in the budget and each year members show their concern by donating in other ways. 


Community service



Our congregation is part of the greater Crete community which delivers Friendly meals to those in our community. We deliver to mostly the elderly, who need a hot meal.  We are designated for the 5th Saturday of the month.
Our congregation supports many different services and missions in and around Crete, Nebraska, and the world!


1st  - Pastor in Crete 


1st - Ministerial Association Mtg at the Crete Hospital 11am


1st - Ladies Aid TBA


Pastor's Day in Crete/Wilber for visits




Confirmation is held when our youth are in the 7th-8th grade. It is a 9 month course to learn more about the church and especially the

United Church of Christ.



We have awesome musicians.  We regularly have special music often by our own members.  We have soloists, pianists, accordians, guitar and especially our Kristal Bells which the younger folk really enjoy. We are very supportive and enjoy listening to all levels of music abilities. No one is refused!



We are a congregation who believes in prayer!  We pray every week, some of us every day, for our world, our nation, this community, the college, our shut-ins, the sick.  This is one ministry that we are all able to do! 

Bible Study


We hold bible studies for about 4-6 weeks at a time about three or four times a year.  It usually lead by our pastor and is held before church at 9:15am. Check the calendar for the latest info.



10:30am Worship


Holy Communion is open to all

on the First Sunday of every month.

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