Day 4

It has been an amazing General Synod! We are surrounded by people from all over the country and from so many places within our beloved church. As we engage this information, discuss in our committee meetings, talk over dinner and in the exhibit hall, and vote on resolutions, it is an honor and very humbling to be on this side of the business of the church. I am all the more grateful to our church leaders and I am inspired by the energy and passion present here during General Synod. It is my hope that each of us present take back home with us this energy and passion into our local communities so that vitality and a sense of deep commitment to God's mission permeates every level of this great


It is a heavy day of voting at the General Synod of the UCC for the NE Conference delegates: marking the 100th commemoration of the Armenian genocide, providing welcome to persons experiencing mental health difficulties and those who care for them, the election of a new General Minister & President and re-election of Jim Moos, and more!

Day 3

The Nebraska delegates started the day early, fueled by coffee, cookies, and buckeyes,with a caucus time with the New Hamphire delegates. We met our new President-Elect The Rev. John Dorhauer. Speaking for myself, I learned so much more about the work that is set in action by each reresolution. I enjoyed hearing everyone's ideas as my committee spoke to various parts of our resolution. There were also touching personal stories shared by those whose lives and lived ones are affected by the issue. There was a Tutor the Tutor program in the afternoon. Rob Schindler, author of Hot Dogs and Hamburgers and volunteer at the Chicago Literacy Center, shared his story about becoming a tutor and teachi

Day 2

What a day and what a week! We’ve gone from celebrating marriage equality across the U.S. to wonderful, engaging worship and prayer to celebrations of disabilities ministries to deep theological reflections from some of our denomination’s most prominent thinkers. Synod 2015 has been a whirlwind so far, but a blessed storm for this first-time Synod goer. On Saturday, we spent time together in prayer, worship, and reflection, as nationally-known columnist Connie Schultz spoke about the prophetic witness of the UCC in the U.S. today, and the importance of the need for more voices for the gospel of Christ in our public realm. We were also reminded of the UCC’s commitment to women’s ministries an

67 New UCC Churches across the nation!

Since the last General Synod in 2013, the United Church of Christ has welcomed 67 new congregations into the denomination. But you won't find some of them on the street corner. One is online. Another exists in a virtual world. And at least one of them follows communion with dinner. This, believes the Rev. David Schoen, minister and team leader of congregational assessment, support and advancement (CASA), is the new era of church starts.

Day 1

Over 3,000 UCCers gathered in Cleveland, Ohio for General Synod today. We had 26 delegates and visitors and a host of youth and sponsors from Nebraska. Just hours before we embarked upon our first session the news of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision legalizing same sex marriage the rule of our entire nation was announced. Throughout the day we heard the proclamation that the UCC had its part in that 5-4 decision becoming a reality. We as a denomination,having understood it to be our Biblical mandate to see that justice and dignity be given to all of God's children - no matter who they love - filled us with the courage needed to fight when many said it could not be done. We were told not t

World-wide Partner churches

A powerful and meaningful evening at the General Synod of the United Church of Christ in Cleveland. In this very moment we have welcomed 17 guests from our partner churches world-wide...a reminder that the Body of Christ stretches wide. As the partner from S India said from the podium: "The world needs the whole church..all of us...challenging those structures which are dividing the whole world, challenging those structures which will not let the love of God in."


Reverend Dr John Dorhauer, nominee for General Minister and President, has just been introduced to Synod delegates and guests and is sharing his vision for the future. "We must be willing for the sake of the Gospel to let go of things that are now impeding our proclamation of the Gospel."

54th Annual Gathering Nebraska Conf UCC

The 54th Annual Gathering of the NE conf UCC was held June 5-7, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Kearney, NE. I had the distinct pleasure of servicing as Moderator again, as Dan Cillissen was unable to attend. So as Past Moderator/Moderator and delegate of our little church, I am here to give this report. FRIDAY Both Lay and Clergy delegates and various visitors began arriving anywhere from Thursday evening to Friday noon. Folk found the registration desk where their packets were waiting for them. Those who were new to the Conference Annual Gathering were encouraged to meet with Sue Shear (our own member from Plymouth!!) who would lead them through the process. Sue has sha

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